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Mobility scooter Explorer with Lithium Ion battery

€899,00 €899,00
The Explorer is a small and very handy mobility scooter, powered by a Lithium Ion battery. It is easy to operate and the several parts can be dismantled, easy to store! This is the upgraded model with Lithium Ion battery and double headlights.
Delivery time 3-4 weeks
Mobility scooter Explorer with Lithium Ion battery

Explorer mobility scooter with Lithium Ion battery

This is the ideal scooter to do your shopping with, the small width (50 cm) allows you to enter every shop or house.
The seat is height adjustable and can be turned 360 degrees, makes it convenient to step on or of.
Both armrests can be lifted up and can even be adjusted sideways,  

The Explorer can easily be dismantled into smaller parts that are light to handle.
Chair and basket can be taken of, as well as the battery. The steer can be folded down, the remaining bottom frame, including the wheels is easy to handle and lift in or out of the boot of a car.
This makes the Explorer perfect for taking along in a car.

Brake and wheels

This mobility scooter has solid tyres (size 8,5"), making it drive smoothly on all kinds of terrain.
An electric-magnetic brake is activated as soon as you release the speed handle. This is the safest brake system possible!
The rear wheels can be set to electric or manually pushed by adjusting a small handle at the back. 

Lithium Ion battery

The Lithium Ion battery lasts up to 3 times longer than a conventional lead-acid battery and is therefore much more sustainable. Another great asset is that a Lithium battery is much lighter in weight.
With the Lithium battery you can cover up to 20 km's.

Steer and dashboard

The steer (with soft foam handle) can be adjusted forward and backward, suiting different driving positions.
At the centre of the steer a clear display shows you how much power is left in the battery.
Also all buttons are found in this middle part. 
Furthermore the Explorer has a ignition lock with a key, horn, 2 LED head lights, forward and backward switch. The velocity can be controlled by pushing the gear handle.

The basket at the front can be removed, easy to store your shoppings in. At the front the Explorer has a bumper, at the back 2 small anti-tilt wheels are added, preventing the scooter to to  skip backwards
Also at the back 2 red reflectors are added to make you more visible in the dark.

Of course the seat of the mobility scooter has a safety belt.

Altogether this Explorer is a great mobility scooter, easy to use, small and foldable, great for shopping and covering small distances.

Attention: this scootmobile is not suitable to replace the normal seat in a car, bus, train, taxi !

The user therefore has to take a regular seat in a vehicle and the scootmobile has to be secured to the vehicle seperately and treated as luggage. Hence, the user  cannot stay seated in this scootmobile while the car, taxi, bus or train is riding. The user needs to use a normal seat in the vehicle. 

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weight packed: 41 kg
dimension packed l*w*h: 103*53*54 cm
weight nett: 37 kg
dimension as in use l*b*h: 102*50*90 cm
foldable: yes, also dismantle in parts
dimension as folded l*b*h: 90*50*45 cm
frame material: steel
frame color: black, red top
wheels, front: 2 x 8,5", solid
wheels, rear: 2 x 8,5", solid
suspension: both front wheels
speed: 6 km/hour
actionradium: 20 km
motor: 2 x 180W, 24V, brushless
operation: steer
battery: 1 x 24V, 12AH, Lithium
battery loader: included
maximum weight: 110 kg
maximum slope: 6 degrees
brake: electric-magnetic
turning radius: 120 cm
foot support: yes, wide
arm rest: 2 x, can be lifted and adjusted in width
safety belt: yes
seat height: 50 cm
seat depth: 35 cm
seat width: 44 cm
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0 stars based on 0 reviews