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wheelchair, electric powered

Choose here which wheelchair fits your purpose best. Click on the picture and you are directed to the product page that shows you more pictures, a full description and a list of details.

wheelchair, electric powered

Wheelchair, electric driven, foldable

It is essential to decide what you need: a manual operated or electric driven wheelchair. You also need to know how small the chair has to be, when folded.
The electric powered wheelchairs can not be used as a push chair. However, you can disable the electric powered function.The chair can be moved for short distance only than, but can only be moved forward by a helper, not by the person sitting in it.

Foldable, but how small?

Do you want to take the wheelchair in a car, make sure the folded dimensions fit the dimensions of your car trunck.
You also want to take the wheelchair on a trip by airplane? Check with your airline if they accept the size and weight of it.


Any wheelchair that Mobinova offers always has the best of features: safe brake system, good comfort, best of quality and light in weight