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All legal warraties apply for products purchased from Mobinova. This means that a product has to comply with a consumers reasonable expectation.
The standard warranty covers a period of 1 year, but we do consider the expected durability of each product.

We insist that our products comply with the mentioned specifications, the reasonable demands for their reliability and usability, as well as the laws and regulations as imposed by the EC and Dutch law. 

The warranty only applies if you can show an invoice or copy of payment.
It is important to inform us immediately if a product is not performing as it should or is broken.
We advise you to do this by email, so you have proof of reporting the complaint.

Warranty is excluded if a products shows marks of different usage than may be expected in daily use.
Also, parts that are subject to tear and wear are excluded, like tyres, seats, batteries and small damage caused by normal use of the product.

If the complaint is covered by the warranty, we shall take care of replacement or repair without charges.
Of course, this will be done in consultation with the client.