Frequently Asked Questions

1 Ordering
1.1 How do I place an order?

Simple! Select the product you want to order and choose the variation (color or size, if possible).
The default quantity is 1, you can adjust this if you want to change the quantity of products. 
Than click to 'order' and you will see at the top right what is placed in your shopping cart. You can choose to add more items to your shopping cart.

You can always return to your shopping cart and remove the ordered product(s).

1.2 Can I change my order?

Yes, of course! 
Just send us an email or call us immediately, otherwise we might have shipped your order already.

2 Export to other countries
3 Shipping costs
3.1 What are the shipping fee's of my order?

For smaller orders within the Netherlands we charge € 4,95, for larger orders we charge € 7,50
If the order exceeds an amount of € 100,- and shipped to an address within the Netherlands, we do not charge shipping costs.

For orders to other countries, click here for the  current shipping fee's

4 Payment methods
4.1 Which payment methods can I use?

At Mobinova we offer several payment methods, pick your favorite method from the selection shown in the payment proces.

You can pay with methods popular in different countries like IDeal, Sofort Banking, Bancontact and Dotpay. These payments are processed immediately, therefore there is no delay in shipping.
A normal bank to bank money transfer is also accepted, but consider that such a payment can take a few days befored confirmed to us. We ship orders only after the amount is added in our bank account.

Next to above mentioned options we also accept payment with credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Paypal can also be sued , these payments are often also processed immediately and confirmed to us.

If you prefer to collect your order in our shop in Aalsmeer, you can use a debit bank card (PIN) or pay in cash.
Have you decided to collect your order in our shop, please make an appointment first to set a day and time!

5 Warranty
5.1 What warranty do I get?

All legal warraties apply for products purchased from Mobinova. This means that a product has to comply with a consumers reasonable expectation.
The standard warranty covers a period of 1 year, but we do consider the expected durability of each product.

We insist that our products comply with the mentioned specifications, the reasonable demands for their reliability and usability, as well as the laws and regulations as imposed by the EC and Dutch law. 

The warranty only applies if you can show an invoice or copy of payment.
It is important to inform us immediately if a product is not performing as it should or is broken.
We advise you to do this by email, so you have proof of reporting the complaint.

Warranty is excluded if a products shows marks of different usage than may be expected in daily use.
Also, parts that are subject to tear and wear are excluded, like tires, cables, seats, batteries and small damage caused by normal use of the product.

If the complaint is covered by the warranty, we shall take care of replacement or repair without charges.
Of course, this will be done in consultation with the client. 

6 Complaints
6.1 What can I expect when I have a complant?

Although we try to pay as much attention as possible to your order, something can still go wrong.
In such a case we kindly request you to contact us, preferable by email, so we can look for a solution to the problem. It helps if you add a picture of the  defect.
You can contact us at [email protected] and we assure you we shall do whatever it takes to make you happy again.
This can be done by sending you the required spare part, free of charge. But we can also collect the product from you and make a refund for the costs.
Decisions about this will be made in consultation with the client.


7 Returns
7.1 What should I do if I want to return the order?

You might want to return a product because it does not match your expectation, or for another reason.
Whatever the reason, you are entitled to dissolve the agreement within 14 days after receipt of the order. We like to know why you want to return the product(s),however there is no obligation to specify why you want to return it.

You just need to inform Mobinova about your decision by email to [email protected] and you need to return the product(s) within the next 14 days. You, as consumer, bear the shipping costs and the risk of return. You are requested to return the product(s) in the original packing, if possible.
if you return a product that has been used, Mobinova is allowed to deduct part of the purchasing price.

Payments made will be refunded within 14 days from receipt of the order by Mobinova, eventually after deducting the shipping costs.

Mobinova is not liable for any import duties or BTW/VAT charged by third parties at the moment of import.

8 Maintenance
8.1 Do I need a maintenance contract?

A maintenance contract is not essiental.

Such contract are offered for prices varieing from € 50,- up to € 150,- per year while spare parts that are subject to wear and tear are even excluded.

Maintenance is therefore limited to adjusting (brake) cables, replacing a bolt or screw, but not replacing any important parts.
It is much cheaper to visit your local bicycle shop, or order the part to be replaced from us.

At Mobinova you get a full 2 year warranty, so most important complaints are  covered anyway.

9.1 what about VAT?

We have to charge 9 % VAT on all our products, if orders are shipped to countries within the European Community.
This means that your local VAT rate is not accounted for.

If you are a client from outside the EC and order online, you will be charged with prices excluding our 9% VAT, but you probably will be charged with import duties from your own country Customs dept.

Please check the import fees charged by your own country before ordering, to prevend surprises. 

If you collect your order from our office in Holland, we have to charge you our regular 9% VAT, but you can get a refund on that tax.

Check for our manual for TAX refund here.